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Special Offers

Cebora MIG 1635/M Tri Star synergic multi-process welder


- 240v supply

- MIG and TIG welding 5 to 160 amps

- Stick (MMA) welding 10-130 amps



- Mild steel MIG welding 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm wire

- Aluminium MIG welding 1.00mm wire

- Stainless MIG welding 0.8mm wire

- MIG brazing 0.8mm CuSi3 wire

- Flux-cored gasless welding 0.9mm wire

- DC steel TIG welding with "lift arc"

- DC stick welding 1.6mm to 3.25mm rods


Complete with MIG gun and cable, earth cable and clamp, argon gas regulator.

Trolley to take machine and gas bottle with support chain.

TIG torch and stick welding cables also available.

Cebora Inverter Sound 110S DC arc welder



- 240v supply

- 5 to 110 amps DC

- 1.6mm to 3.25mm rods

- 3 metre x 16mm2 earth cable with clamp

- 3 metre electrode cable with electrode holder

- 1 packet each of 2.5mm and 3.25mm E6013 mild steel rods


Also suitable for scratch-start TIG welding of steels with optional TIG torch kit.

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